ScienceCounts is deciphering Americans’ complex views about science to develop more effective ways to foster grassroot support for scientific research and exploration.

There is an urgent need to strengthen a national commitment to science by: 1) increasing the resources that fuel scientific activity (funding, people, and ideas), and 2) increasing the value that society places on science – both as a process and as a body of knowledge.

To achieve this, ScienceCounts is pursuing a three-stage public engagement strategy culminating in a national initiative:

ScienceCounts envisions an era in which more Americans express support for national investments in science and science education to fuel job creation, drive economic growth, improve health care, ensure national security, attain energy independence, foster environmental sustainability, and enhance quality of life for all.

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Aspen Institute Breakfast & Conversation

"Challenging the Orthodoxy of How Americans View Science in Society"

October 2, 2018The Aspen InstituteWashington, DC

Christopher Volpe (executive director of ScienceCounts), Mary Woolley (president & CEO of Reseach!America), and Laura Lindenfeld-Sher (Director of Alan Alda Center for Communicating Scienceled a dynamic conversation about the implications of new data about public attitudes towards science.

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ScienceCounts is building an expanding community of engaged partners from philanthropy, professional science, academia, and the private sector.